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Corporate housing 101

The number of corporate housing in Denver Tech Center is increasing with good reason. Business travelers are flocking to this business and economic powerhouse, spurring the demand for more accommodation and housing options.

But what is corporate housing, and is it exclusively for business travelers? Continue reading to learn more.

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing refers to fully furnished residential properties that are rented out on a short-term basis (two to three months on average), mostly to individuals on an extended business trip. It can be a condo, an apartment, a small single-family home, or a multi-family residence.

Unlike Airbnb and other short-term rentals, corporate housing is often equipped with features that make it a conducive environment to work. Utilities available include high-speed Internet connectivity, as well as home essentials.

Who uses corporate housing?

Traditionally, corporate housing was marketed towards business professionals and individuals traveling for work. Corporations are also known to use corporate housing as an alternative to renting hotel rooms for their employees and consultants.

Today, however, more people are using corporate housing. The market has expanded to cater to students and interns, as well as young professionals seeking job opportunities in the area. Even vacationers are welcome to stay.

Corporate housing may also be provided by insurance companies for clients who have experienced a disaster in their home. While their property is being repaired, their insurance company can put them up in like-kind housing rather than paying the higher costs of a hotel.

How much does corporate housing cost?

It varies on the type and size of the property you’re staying in, the location of the housing, and the length of your stay. The amenities provided can also have an effect on the lease price. For a premium property, expect a higher bill.

Fully furnished housing may cost more than an unfurnished apartment, but it will cost much less than a hotel. Additionally, rates can go down in the long term. It is also not uncommon to get a discount for longer lease terms.

Why should you stay in a corporate housing in Denver Tech Center?

Are you going on an extended trip to Denver? Consider the following benefits of staying in a corporate housing in the city.

  • Less expensive than a hotel: Add-ons and other services can increase your total bill when you stay at a hotel. In a corporate housing, you can enjoy discounts for longer stays and not worry about additional charges.

  • The housing is fully furnished: You can cook, do your laundry, watch your favorite shows and movies during your down time, or sleep in.

  • You can enjoy an array of features and amenities: In addition to the standard utilities, some corporate housing has additional amenities similar to that of a hotel.

  • Everything is easily accessible: Since you are staying in a corporate housing in Denver Tech Center, you are a short distance away from a bevy of shopping, dining, and retail options.

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