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5 advantages of staying in corporate housing

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Business-related travel is an inevitable part of any prolific and high-performing enterprise. But not all professional trips are the same. Some can last no more than a few days, while others can stretch out to weeks or even months at a time. Some can be intensive and fast-paced, while others are more laid-back and gradual.

This variety of travel periods and requirements makes corporate housing rentals the ideal option for business travelers’ accommodation needs. These five reasons explain why:

  • Corporate housing is fully furnished with everything you need for work

    For business people on the go, accommodations need to be more than just a place to stay. They must also have essential features that allow them to work as well as they would in their regular offices or work environments.

    Designed with professionals’ needs in mind, corporate housing rentals are offered with a full suite of amenities and utilities to support serious work, from proper work desks to reliable internet connections. Some may even feature designated rooms and areas for meetings and other professional functions.

  • Corporate housing rentals are designed to feel like home

    Unlike hotels which can feel impersonal, artificial, and cramped, corporate housing are actual homes – apartments, condos, and even single-family houses styled for temporary occupancy. When it comes to comfort and relaxation, corporate housing presents a significant advantage.

    This benefits professionals and the organizations that they represent in a significant, albeit often intangible way – more comfort, privacy, and genuine rest lead to better motivation and productivity.

  • Corporate housing offers excellent value for money

    When compared to hotels, corporate housing is more affordable, especially for extended stays.

    Compared to Airbnb or VRBO rentals, corporate housing may fetch a higher price. However, the complete furnishings and work-friendly amenities, and utilities make corporate housing rentals the more cost-effective alternative.

    The tenant feels the practical and economical advantages, as well. Having one’s own kitchen to cook and prepare food in, for example, provides a welcome and at times healthier alternative to eating out all the time.

  • Corporate housing arrangements are ideal for frequent travelers

    Corporate housing leases are structured to accommodate temporary, short-term stays. There are no long-term contractual obligations or homeowner association memberships to worry about. Professionals can simply arrive, do their work, and head home or move on to the next destination as they need. Should the business trip go longer than planned, extending a stay in a corporate housing rental is typically more convenient than doing the same in a hotel.

  • Corporate housing is typically located close to important work and leisure destinations

    Intended particularly for professional occupancy, corporate housing options are established in the heart of major economic centers. Choosing corporate housing helps visiting professionals avoid long and inconvenient commutes in an unfamiliar location.

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